Monday, March 30, 2009


You never know what you are gonna get with Giuseppe. Sometime he is Mr. Attitude and other time he is Mr. Comedian. Whatever the case, he always has us entertained.
Giuseppe is approaching 6, but will correct you if you say he is 5... he is 5 3/4.
Giuseppe has been a fabulous brother Vincenzo and without doubt he will be a fabulous brother to the newest addition arrive this summer.


Bove family said...

Just wanted to pass along a little joke Giuseppe pulled on Andy this morning.
Our little Mr. Comedian told Andy NOT to go to the bathroom because the toilet was on fire. I know it doesn't sound funny, but when a 5-year-old tries to tell a joke it is always funny.

j2 said...

What about when a 5-3/4-year-old tries to tell a joke?