Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playing us like fools

This little booger, Vincenzo, has been doing a great job playing his Mom and Dad. 

We thought he was having some developmental issues since he really hasn't talked much.

Boy were we wrong.

Just the other day, Andy and I got to talking about all the little "incidences" we have taken for granted.

1. Around 21-months of age, I got a report back from daycare saying he was the only kid who knows what a pentagon and octagon was. He said it loud and clear when shown the shapes. Yet, he kept quite on the square, circle and triangle shapes.

2. He knows his colors but only says them when he doesn't think anyone is around.

3. He always sneaks to his bedroom when he has to got potty to "read" a book.

4. I asked him if he wanted more pasta for dinner. He said no. I asked his again and he replied, "I said NO!"

5. Andy asked him to draw a circle and he did.

There are more, but I don't want to bore you with my nearly 2-year-old stories. I am just happy that he is doing well.