Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu

The first U.S. death due to swine flu hit a 23-month old toddler from Texas. I can't imagine how the family is dealing with this as my little Vincenzo is also a 23-month old toddler, as well.

Obviously, I worry about my boys.

One is in daycare where the parents are known to bring their sick kids in so it won't interfere with their work schedule.

The other is in school where the kids aren't good about actually washing their hands unless a grown-up is standing over them. I got an email from the principal this morning stating that they will help remind the kids of the importance of hand-washing. Good luck!

This morning, President Barack Obama said school authorities with confirmed cases of swine flu should consider closing, and that Americans “should know” the government is doing all that it can to contain the emerging health menace.

Obama said it is the recommendation of public health officials “that schools with confirmed cases ... should consider closing if the situation becomes more serious.”

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