Monday, May 11, 2009

Perfect Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day goes down in the books as "perfect."

I did nothing! Really, I did nothing. No housework, no cooking, no cleaning, no decision-making, no working, NOTHING!

I was greeted in the morning with Giuseppe saying, "Come here, Mom, so I can give you a big smoochy and hug."

Vincenzo ran to me with open arms to wrap around my legs.

Andy had the boys give me gifts. I was overwhelmed with:
  • A potted flower decorated by Vincenzo
  • A picture frame of decorated by Giuseppe of Giuseppe
  • Two endearing cards
  • Four maternity casual shirts
  • A paper shredder
  • A huge make-up kit
Then shortly after hugs & kisses and opening gifts, my Mom and brother showed up. We all went out for brunch at the country club which was quite filling.

And to top the evening off, Andy made his famous and delicious enchiladas for dinner.

What more could a Mother ask for?

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