Monday, June 22, 2009

Big toe injury

Apparently Vincenzo likes the medical field, since he seems to make a trip there quite often lately.

Sunday (6/21/09) night around 9 p.m. Vincenzo and Andy were cleaning out the garage together. Vincenzo accidently had Giuseppe's scooter fall directly on his big toe. Yikes!

Andy brought him into the house immediately. He never actually calmed down. I held him for a long time and eventually he cried himself to sleep. He whimpered throughout the night.

We saw a doctor this morning. The main thing they are worried about is infection. His toe may or may not be broken, but getting an x-ray would cause more unnecessary pain for the little guy when in fact, there wouldn't be anything you could do for a broken toe anyway.

So, now we are keeping it wrapped and dry to help prevent infections.

I guess with a house full of boys I should keep the highest level of insurance possible.

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