Monday, June 8, 2009

Vincenzo made a trip to Urgent Care

Sunday was not a good day for Vincenzo's ear.

On the ride home from Indiana I notices his ear was red and that he kept itching at it.

Later on the car ride Giuseppe said it looked gross.

About an hour after we return to Ann Arbor, Andy noticed how swollen, red and blistery it was.

By the time we got him to the urgent care unit it was pusing with gunk and was very large and red. Pretty scary looking.

They gave him several medicines to help with the swelling, itching and well-being of the ear.

This morning his ear is still red and swollen. I am staying home with him since the medicine makes him tired and groggy. Plus he needs to have the medicine administered every 3-4 hours, as well as a return visit to the urgent care unit to see exactly what the problem stems from.

The doctor's guess is a spider bit, insect bite, poisin ivy, or some allergic reaction.

Be happy that I am not posting pictures.

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