Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Indiana visit

The boys and I made an appearance to my homestate, Indiana.
Here are some highlights (and lowlights) of what we did:

Monday: Giuseppe got stung by a bee. Freaked me out since he simultaneously had a nasty nose bleed. Still don't know why.

Tuesday: We visited the Minnestrista Center in Muncie, Indiana. (As a side note, not worth it. It cost more than it was worth. We spent $25 for less than an hour of "observing." Not recommended.)
During our visit Giuseppe had a pretty hard fall which got him a bloody lip, scratches on his face, a bump on his forehead and mild black eye.

Friday: We visited New Haven. This was Rocco's first visit there. He got to meet new people like his great-grandparents, Uncle Nick and Cousin Greg.

Photos are of Giuseppe and Vincenzo at the Minnestrista Center in Muncie. The traveling exhibit was local animals. They had fun exploring the animal's different habitats.
Photo by Sonia Gottfried

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