Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March family update


Wrapping up hockey? Heck no. He finishes this season in a couple of weeks just to start up the spring session at the end of March.

Also he is ready for machine-pitch baseball this spring.

As far as reading. Giuseppe tries to read at least once book every night. He gets stumped on a word or two along the way, but he is doing great.

He is currently working on 3D shapes.


My techie is slowly being weened off his DSi and Wii gaming. As a matter of fact we had zero technology in gaming today. Lots of make-believe and many laughs.

He is currently working on colors, shapes, counting and animal sounds.


Sitting on his own, this little guy's first word is unofficially "dada." Why unofficially? I am not completely convinced. He has lots of consonant sounds like ba, da, ma, ka. That is good at this point of his development.

Rocco hasn't crawled yet, but he certainly looks like he is just moments away. He gets on his knees and hands. He moves around the room well, but he hasn't started crawling.

He eats three jars of food a day and enjoys his bottle.

He is currently working on waving.


If there was anyone who needed a break it was our beloved Andy. Working hard to support his family and maintain a great attitude along the way, he took us all to Florida for a not-so-warm week. We visited with family and got to see Mickey and the crew.

He is currently working on trying to find more hours in the day.


Doing some research and planning for the next school year. I have lots of options for preschool for Vincenzo. A little overwhelming, yet nice to know that I have so many options now that I will be working from home.

Busy as ever. Getting the boys to and from sporting events, school, religious classes, doctor appointments, etc. Really nothing no other family doesn't do. After 7.5 months, though, I am finally getting into a nice groove.

She is currently working on taking care of herself.

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