Friday, March 19, 2010


So, I thought my little Vincenzo was the spoiled on. Oh, was I wrong.

Turns out at 8 months old little Rocco has shown his true colors.

This little pickle has never seen the inside of a daycare unlike Giuseppe or Vincenzo.

Actually, I am not sure he has actually been babysat while awake, so he only knows me, Andy and a few other close relatives are his caregivers.

On to my story...

I go to the gym today and drop him and Vincenzo off at the club's kid center. There are tons of toys and lots to do. It is actually a pretty nice and fun place for the kids to be while I workout.

Rocco has been asleep when I drop him off there. But today, when I dropped him off he decided to wake up and play. I gave a hug & kiss and left.

25 minutes into my workout I get paged over the PA to return to the Kid's Center. I walked in. He saw my face and quieted down. I held him and he was fine. He wasn't hungry, dirty or uncomfortable. Nope... he was spoiled. I then gave him back to the lady and he cried and cried.

So, I had to cut my workout short. No biggie. But, tomorrow Rocco better straighten up since 25 minutes of cardio isn't gonna get rid of my coolie, aka: butt.

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