Friday, April 16, 2010

April family update

He is a true crawler now. It is adorable to watch. Before he did versions of the traditional crawl, but just recently he has mastered crawling. He also now has 3 teeth.
We are also noticing his going through separation anxiety when I leave a room or am out of sight.

He is such a great kid. Always wanting "big hugs" and lots of good attention. He has reduced his repeating over and over of the things he wants. That alone has made it much more tolerable to be around him.

This is a busy and active kid. In one day he can go from playing outside with his neighbor friends for hours, then to hockey practice to the baseball practice. I am not kidding. And he still has energy to read me a book before bed. (oh, he is also trying to grow his hair out.)

He just had his birthday. He also is coaching Giuseppe's baseball team. He isn't the head coach since he can't necessarily commit to every game/practice with his work schedule, but he plans on being available as often as possible.

Currently I am managing Giuseppe's Mite hockey team, which includes scheduling and organizing games with area teams.
Next month I will be coaching Vincenzo's soccer team. Andy and I will have to put in dual effort since some hockey and soccer games are at the same time.

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