Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of summer update

Hello Blog followers:

This has been a fabulous summer. I got to watch the kids play with friends, enjoy the pool nearly all summer long and blessed with a wonderful family.
I was just telling Andy how happy I am with our life. I couldn't ask for anything more. We both realized this is the life we have been trying to achieve for so long and without warning... we've got it.

The questions I ask my sisters is "how do you define success?" Some people say by my bank account, others may say by winning prestigious awards, while a few may say graduation from college or high school. Whatever the answer, everyone has something to define it. Success for me is right now! Right now I have three healthy and amazing boys.

Right now I have a husband that loves and adores me. Right now I have the two best sisters and brother I can depend. Right now I can stay at home to mold my boys into gentlemen.
Right now I can say that Dante calls me 'Sonia' and no longer SoSo and even calls me once in a while from his cell phone. Right now my two nieces are both fun and amazing, especially Anelese who always entertains me with her funny commentary.

Right now I am happy with my house and even happier for great neighbors. Right now I am blessed to have so many amazing friends, even if I somehow managed have 50% of friends 50+ years old. (Seriously, a lot of my friends are over 20 years older than me. What does that say about me? Am I an extremely mature person or are my friends extremely immature. I'm sad to say it is probably the latter.)
Right now I can go to sleep through the night and not have any worries to keep me up.

Right now I am happy with my life!

So, on with my boys.

Andy will be traveling to Europe for work at some point this fall. I wanted to go with him, but he says this will probably not be the only time he goes. Maybe I'll tag along for another trip. Still, we have other trips planned over the fall as a family.

I am jealous of Andy, too. He manages to get himself out of bed an extra hour early Tuesday - Friday to hit the gym. He has been doing this for 3 or 4 months. You can tell he is losing weight and has better spirits in the evening.

Keep in up! (I'll get back into the groove once school starts up.)

Andy and I are still working on Andy's wine and my labels. It's a good combo effort.


Giuseppe starts school in less than two weeks. He will be entering first grade.
I am not worried about him.

Socially he won't have any problems. As a matter of fact he averaged one playdate a week with a kid outside of the neighborhood, not to mention his daily interaction with his neighbor friends.

He has kept up on reading and math and even did a science project with me over the summer.

He stayed active with biking, hockey, roller blading, swimming, etc. He really is a very fit kid.


Vincenzo starts two preschool programs in a few weeks as well as a weekly hockey class. I have already met with some of the other parents and really look forward to getting to know them as well as I know Giuseppe's friends' parents.

Over the summer we worked on a lot of preschool songs all summer, as well as colors and shapes. He has it all down. His sentence structure has grown. He can easily say 5-7 word sentences on his own.

He also stayed active by trying to keep up with his big brother and swimming. Vincenzo is just as fit as his brothers.


Rocco loves the water. At the beginning of summer he use to just float around with me in the pool but now he likes to splash and kick his legs.

At 13 months he weighed in at 23 pounds. He is a meatball. He certainly doesn't look like he is only 13 months, more like an 18-months old.

His new word is 'tada.' Very adorable!

Rocco and I will enroll in playgroup during the school year to give him some interaction with other babies his age as well as some structure to his life.

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