Friday, August 27, 2010

Fishing derby

Two years in a row we didn't catch any fish. Giuseppe put all his heart into the event and still no catches to show for it.
Vincenzo was more interested in the golf cart than actually fishing.
Rocco was a really trooper. He cheered his two brothers on. He can't participate for another two years, but he still managed to support his big brothers.
I noticed Andy fishing on his own a few times even though this was an event for kids under 16.
My main job was to make sure Rocco didn't end up in the pond. Yeh! I was successful.
Afterwards the kids played and had dinner while Andy and I tried to let they last five days dissolve into our drinks so we could enjoy our weekend together.
Tomorrow we are having a garage sale. Hopefully we can clear our some room for our growing family.
Henrik will be here in a week or so. His mother is sad to see him go and I can't blame her. We are excited to get him for the next 9.5 months. I just hope we live up to his expectations.
Sonia Gottfried, MBA

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