Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bove winter birthdays

The Bove's usually party pretty well in the winter months. 
Carmino's birthday was on the 31st of December;
Dad's was on the 1st of January;
Riva's is tomorrow (13th) and
Sunday (16th) we celebrate mine.

Time for a family update:

Thankfully, all health issues have been put to rest. I will continue medication for 12 more months, but only as a precaution.

Kudos to Andy! His ice rink has been a success. It has been used virtually every day since it has been frozen. It is so nice to see the hours the boys put in just having fun.

Giuseppe skied for the first time a few weeks ago. He did great and enjoyed it.
Big Bear tournament was a huge bust. They lost all games.
Word is that another tournament is being scheduled in Fort Wayne, Indiana in March.
Kid-pitch baseball sign-up is underway. Season starts in the spring through early-July.

Potty training isn't a complete failure. We have come a long way, yet we aren't quite there yet.
Skating for Vincenzo hasn't been going well either. He is certainly a stubborn kid that likes to do things his way when he wants to do it. It will serve him well later in life, but in the meantime it is not fun for Andy or I.

Even thought temper tantrums are not fun for parents, Andy and I are counting our blessings that Rocco just plops on the ground when he gets upset. We still can hear the ringing in our ear of that horrible high-pitch squeal Vincenzo use to do.

The USA Hockey development team brought home the Silver medal in the World U-17 Hockey Challenge in Canada. It was so fun for us to follow here in Michigan. However, even though they came in second place, they had won every game up until the last game of the tournament. Real bummer, but still a great representation of our country.

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