Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March family update

Not much to report:

I ran for the Publicity Chairperson for Vincenzo's preschool. The election was held last week. No word on if I got the position. In time I hope to run for a Saline school board.
My involvement in my kid's life is very important. If there is a position to be filled, whether is be team manager or classroom parent, I make sure to find the time.
As a matter of fact here is a personal breakdown of importance:
  • #1 Family
  • #2 Education
  • #3 Athletics
  • #4 Socialization
    Family is also synonymous of our religion. Our spirituality is shared as a family. I believe a strong family is the core to solid values which in turn make for respectable adults.

    Andy's work schedule keeps him plenty busy and on occasion he is traveling for business. But when he gets home he focuses his time and energy on the family.
    Right now Andy is trying to carve out some time from his busy work schedule to take the family on a vacation. It sounds easy, but coordinating school breaks and his projects has become more difficult in the past years.
    Now that the ice rink has been retired until next winter; it should be a bit easier to get a family vacation in. That stinkin' rink took up all of Andy's spare time. (The kid's love it, though.)

    This Friday is the last of the winter hockey season. No worries though, he will be trying out for the spring '03 Wolves travel team at the end of the month.
    Next weekend Giuseppe starts kid's-pitch baseball. Andy has been working on his pitch before his evaluation this Sunday.
    Giuseppe is also entering "Gas in a Water Bottle" in the annual Science Fair. He will be presenting his project Thursday.

    Is this kid never going to be potty trained? That is what I am wondering. Only two months and he will be 4 years old.
    Vincenzo starts soccer with the SASA soccer program next month. He is looking forward to it. We already got his soccer ball for him to start practicing. He seems to like it.
    It has been nearly two months of no pacifier for him or Rocco. This is HUGE! We've broke him of the pacifier before, but somehow it reenters our lives.

    Communication is such a blessing when crying is the alternative. Rocco has been using words, gestures and pointing to get his message across to us.
    A bonus is his huge hugs and kisses. He is such a lover.
    He tries to keep up with his brothers and sometime I have to remind Giuseppe and Vincenzo to slow down so Rocco can catch up. The three of them are great buds. It is nice to always see them looking out for each other, even though they wrestling on a daily basis.


    I heard a cute conversation the other day from Giuseppe to another friend. He kept referring to his brother and how strong and tall he is. I asked him if he was talking about Henrik. He said, "Mom, he's my brother from another mother."
    The boys gravitate to Henrik when he is around. After his game last night Vincenzo saw him from down the hallway. He ran to him yelling "Henrik" and when he got to him he grabbed on to his legs for a never-ending hug.
    What really made me realize how their relationship has evolved was when Henrik asked that Giuseppe sit with him and his friends at a hockey game. I told him he didn't have to have Giuseppe there. He said he thinks of Giuseppe as a little brother and he wanted to spend time with him.

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