Friday, May 20, 2011

May family update

Funny that one year ago we had two boys with pacifiers; one who couldn't yet walk and one in school only half-day. I guess it just goes to show you how much can change in one year. My boys are growing up fast and I am loving every moment of it. There are days I have to put the smack down, but in the end they will respect the discipline I instill. Ultimately, Andy and I will have respectable young men... that is the hope at least.

Andy is coaching Giuseppe's baseball team. According to Giuseppe, they have the best coach since they are undefeated after four games. Tonight is game #5. We'll see how true Giuseppe's statement is.

Sonia is undergoing a series of injections for her lower back over the next 4-6 months. Each session includes a 1/2 a dozen injections. After chiropractic visits, physical therapy as well as a personal trainer, nothing has help. So, now Prolotherapy is being try.

Giuseppe is one of the busiest kids, yet he wants it and demands it. He is still in hockey, which never stopped the entire year so it is like a part of his life. He is also is baseball for the spring and in the summer he will also participate in a junior tackle football camp.

Vincenzo just turned four this week. He certainly has changed a lot from a year ago. Right now he is in soccer. He seems to be very aggressive and understands the sport pretty well compared to his teammates. He also has been the bat boy for Giuseppe's team. He has an amazing swing.

Rocco talks a lot for his age. Most of which we are not sure what he is saying. Thank you, juice, shoes, Seppe, Chenzo, Mama, Dada, No, There, That, etc. He is also seeing a hand specialist weekly until his finger is healed. A few weeks back his finger got ran over by a grocery cart and popped off his fingernail.

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