Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick family update

Vincenzo has finished up preschool and has already started enjoying the freedom of summer. Of course, I have signed him up with several reading and other education programs beside outside of his sports and play. Giuseppe graduates from 1st tomorrow and officially becomes a 2nd grader. He and I have an 8-week program to keep him on track over the summer so he doesn't lose any of his learnings. This will be challenging for both he and I to stay on top of each other. Giuseppe has made the 8U All-Star baseball team for Saline, Michigan. He will play three tournaments with this team as well as continue playing with his current baseball team coached by Andy.
Rocco's finger has healed very nicely from when the shopping cart rolled over his right index finger. However, he has never let it slow him down as of two hours from when we entered the E.R. that day. He is such a trooper. Rocco and I are working on coloring and learning colors and shapes. I don't have a summer workbook program for him, but I still plan on being interactive in his development.
This summer we will stay busy, but mostly things in the area because of all the sports commitments Vincenzo and Giuseppe have made:
  • Reading programs
  • Art programs
  • Movie in the Park
  • Kids bowling
  • Swimming
  • Kids movie series @ the theater
  • Raising money for Operation Injured Soldiers (Goal = $1,000)
  • Hockey clinics
  • Football camp
So, basically, I don't have time to deal with much else.
Our family's personal commitments we have made to in the following order:
  1. Family
  2. Education
  3. Sports

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