Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back-to-school upate

Andy has been working hard to get the basement done. Seems like if Andy isn't devoting to his time to the boys, then he is devoting it to the basement. Andy also has baseball tryouts for his Saline AAA baseball U8 team this Saturday. He has been named the coach. I have made it clear that I will gladly manage the boy's hockey teams but will not manage any other sport. Let's hope he gets a good group of parents to help him with the baseball team.

Giuseppe may be the busiest person I know. He has football practice 2 times a week plus a game on Sunday. He has hockey practice 3 times a week. He has only one day to recover. He goes to school M-F and gets homework each night. He does an amazing job at tackling his homework before going to practice. He refuses to give up any sport from his busy mix, even though Andy and I worry about overworking him. (I put in a call to our family doctor and he said he had no concerns at all about Giuseppe's physical schedule.)

Vincenzo has shot up over the summer in height. He is significantly taller than all his classmates and yet he is one of the younger children. Other parents and Mrs. Bonnie have brought this to my attention. Vincenzo will continue with Learn to Play/Skate until October, then when he is comfortable on the ice he will join a mini-mite team in Ann Arbor.

Rocco is loving picking up and dropping off Vincenzo from school. He joins the class as if he is suppose to. He is able to go to preschool as early as January 23, 2012. If he continues to want to participate then Andy and I will enroll him. He won't be in class with Vincenzo but he'll go to the same school. Right now Rocco goes to 'storytime' once a week geared at 2-year-olds.

Dawson has done a fabulous job entering our family. He seems to have made himself at home. Rocco seems to want to cuddle up with him each night. Andy and him have been talking a lot about going hunting. This is new territory for me, but if it is part of Dawson's life then we want to be part of it.

I (Sonia) have had a hard time adjusting this school year. Mostly because we are all going in different directions and I can't seem to get everyone home at 7 p.m. for dinner anymore. I guess I personally am having a hard time overcoming that, but no one else seems to care. As long as I feed them at some point after 5:30 p.m. they all are happy. This year I will be joining the USA hockey NTDP program staff. Not exactly sure at what capacity, but I will be involved in the fan retention and billeting aspect.

Henrik is doing well. I skype with him on occasion and txt with him virtually everyday. We miss him, but are happy with his new team in Sweden, MODO. Giuseppe will not be going to Sweden this fall because of Henrik's busy hockey schedule but instead Henrik will be coming back to visit Ann Arbor in the spring.

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