Monday, October 13, 2014

Vincenzo's update

Vincenzo may be the kindest kid in the world. He cheers for his teammates louder and more often than I have ever witnessed. Even when his teammates have a bad play he is the first to encourage them to get up and try again.

He is our whiz-kid, knowing technology at the level he has mastered for a 7-year-old, first grader is astonishing. He amazes me how many hours he can be focused on doing electronics and learning new skills. His new passion is Minecraft. He loves to play the game, watch YouTube videos to brush up on his skills and reads his Minecraft books to make sure his tactics are foolproof. When he is on a mission he fully immerses himself in it.

Currently Vincenzo is on a Mite hockey team that involved ice time 2-3 times a week Fall – Spring. He hasn’t found the position he likes most at this point but has successfully played all of them… including goalie.
Beside school work and daily homework he juggles piano lesson into the mix. It doesn't matter the time of year, he loves to play Jingle Bells and we love it, too. 

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