Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 1 of our spring break (Wednesday)

We left around 3 pm. Wednesday, April 1. The plan was to drive through the night and stop for an hour or two snooze if needed to our first destination in Colorado Springs. 

The drive was smooth and everything was going as expected. 

A little about 7 hours into our trip Andy needed me to drive for a few hours. This was at 10 pm local time. (I know this because the gas station prompty closed at 10 pm and as soon as we filled up the lights turned off.)

I started driving and noticed the brights were weak and soon after that the 'battery not charging' light turn on. 10 minutes later the car broke down. I coasted to a rest area. 

Andy called AAA. A tow truck arrived at 12:30. Not only did he tow the Suburban but also loaded the five of us with him. Brooklyn, Iowa is a very small town. Not many option for lodging or car repair. We stayed at Pleasant Inn. 

In the morning we got a call from the car repair shop. The alternator needed fixed and would be done by noon. A small set back. 

The bottom line: the people in the Brooklyn, Iowa area are awesome!! 

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