Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day 9 of our spring break (Thursday)

This trip is truly jam-packed. It truly is an investment into our boys' childhood memories. Andy has been doing all of the driving (except those 10 minutes the first night) and heavy loading. I'm certain he will crash hard when we return home in a few days. 

First stop: Bryce Canyon National Park

We've been collecting stamps in our National Park passbook. So far we've hit 5 national parks during this trip. (Actually 6 but we never went to the visitors center to get our stamp.)

The boys climbed a loose rocks mountain. It wasn't easy going up or down. 

Stop #2: Arches National Park in Utah. 
Just like some of some of our other favorite national parks this one included lots of climbing. 

The boys finished the day with dune climbing. We stayed until after the sunset. 

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