Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vincenzo update

Oh Vincenzo!!! What an amazing young man you are becoming. Vincenzo doesn't like to let on how much he cares and how big his heart is, but we know.... we know.

Vincenzo still loves his electronics. Nothing new. He's been a 'gamer' since he started playing wii at around age of 3. He also has a growing passion for baseball. He's strong and a leftie.

3rd grade with Mr. Perry.

Vincenzo's second year on the Ann Arbor A's team.  U9 A's Green travel baseball. He has weekly fall practice.

Vincenzo's second year playing on the Saline Rec team in the 10U boy's soccer team.

Special note: Vincenzo cut his hair yesterday. He was letting it grown out for the past year. It's hard to recognize him without his golden wave.

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