Friday, October 9, 2009

Smoothing rocks

Santa got the boys a rock smoother last year for Christmas. The process is loud and rather time-consuming.

There are three stages in the machine. The first two take over a month of rock spinning. Needless to say, it has taken us 10 months to get to stage three. Stage three takes 10 days. Will we be able to go without interruption? So far we have kept it going for two days and I am about to toss it out the window.

If we can fiinish the process by December, Giuseppe and I should be able to assemble so awesome Christmas gifts that you all will HAVE to appreciate. Seriously, you'll love them and all the time we put into them. Arrggg.


j2 said...

I heard these things are insanely annoying. Can you keep it in the garage so it doesn't drive you nuts?

Sonia said...

I would keep it in the garage, but it is directly under Giuseppe's room and I think he may hear it. RIght now it is in a cardboard box with a towel over it. Still, it sucks!