Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The benefits of staying home

Mills Pond Park

Yesterday after preschool I took Rocco and Vincenzo to the park for a picnic. It was fun even though Vincenzo was convinced there were crocodiles in the water. As a matter of fact, he wouldn't allow me to put Rocco down for even a moment in fear that he would get gobbled up. Gotta love big brother love, huh?


Today is Vincenzo's first day of hockey, right after lunch. Really he just wears his hockey equipment and is learning to skate. It is a big deal for him.

Tonight Giuseppe has his first game as an Ann Arbor Wolf.

Stay tuned, I will post later the updates with pictures. Should be a fun day.

Vincenzo on the ice update

Vincenzo did great. He didn't skate all that much once on the ice, but he certainly enjoyed wearing his equipment and didn't hesitate trying. I noticed him laying on the ice quite a bit, but he still seemed to have a good time.

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