Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To my dearest Godmother...

Aunt Marge wasn't just an aunt or a Godmother to me. No, my relationship with her was so much more. She was very much a 'grandmother' to my sisters, brother and I. And to my mother she was like a best friend and mother to her, as well.

She taught us so many life-lessons. To the point that we have implemented them without even recognizing she had a hand it making us who we are today.

Like I said, Aunt Marge made a huge impression on us.

I remember her making to it all my dance recitals, but even more I remember her taking me to my weekly dance classes. She was there at my 1st Communion, which made sense she she drove us to many of those class, too.

I guess what I am saying is, she was always there for us during our childhood.

She taught me:
  • how to swim.
  • how to pick a good watermelon.
  • how to make friends.
  • the apporpriateness of sending thank you notes.
  • how to have a successful kool-aid stand.
  • the ins and out of good 'coffee talk.'
  • to speak my mind and not back down.
  • that meals from a box are cooking.
  • that microwaves are not necessary.
  • to respect my elders, including my parents.
  • how important extended family is in an Italian family.
... this list goes on and on. She deserves a thank you for each one.

I wasn't lucky to have any grandparents here, but I was remarkably lucky to have Aunt Marge in my life.

Ever year when winter was approaching, my mom, dad and I would take her and Uncle Guy to the airport so they could travel to exotic and fun places around the globe or to visit their grandchildren that lived miles from Marion, Ind. We would watch the plane take off. My heart would instantly get sad. Then when we would get in my dad's car, I would curl up in the back seat and cry.

On my January birthdays I would always wish for her to be with me or to come home safe. (I know, who wishes that at eight years old, right?) I guess now, my wish is that I can pass along the respect and class she instilled in me to my own children.

I love you, Aunt Marge! I wish I could curl up in my dad's back seat right now.

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