Monday, October 18, 2010

Week in review

Hanging outside with the kids.
I am happy to announce we finally got family pictures shot over the weekend. A good friend and fabulous photographer met us at a park to capture true fall colors. The pictures are going to look fabulous.

Andy has been busy around the house. He involved Henrik in helping him to put in an invisible dog fence. Not quite finished, but hopefully soon.
Rocco has made it clear he is a daddy's boy, which is ok with me since my other two boys are all mama's boys.

Over the weekend Henrik picked himself out a pumpkin at a local farm with Giuseppe and Vincenzo. He says he doesn't remember getting a pumpkin and carving it, which makes sense since Arizona probably isn't big on pumpkins.

Giuseppe has been busy at school. He recently had us make a fire escape plan for the house. He has decided to meet outside at the mailbox if we ever have a fire. That is better than his original plan of meeting under the trampoline.
Also, Giuseppe lost a tooth Sunday night. He has been working on that tooth for over a month now.
I have noticed Vincenzo really taking big steps in his listening. He seems to be making better choices everyday. We have a ways to go, but he is such a fun guy to be around.
He has also been bringing home some wonderful art projects from both of his preschool programs.

No much to report on Rocco's vaccine outbreak. We are still in the testing phase and won't know anything for quite some time.

Andy and I asked Henrik to invite a couple of his friends over for dinner. They were great kids who my boys seemed to gravitate to the moment they entered the home. Chances are that will either send them running or keep them coming.
We like our house full of activities, people and fun. It was a delightful evening.


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